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The Brit and the Beach: Alice’s NGO management internship


“I initially found out about global nomadic through some online research and was then put in touch with my project coordinators from EcoSwell for the NGO Management Internship in Lobitos, Peru. I was instantly excited about the environmental projects the team had started with their own initiative when speaking on my skype interview and I decided to spend 10 days with them that winter. My goal was to further broaden my understanding about international environmental conservation and how it can relate to sustainable social development in underdeveloped regions.

On arrival, I instantly felt at home although I was the only girl! The guys made me feel incredible looked after and welcome and involved in all the projects they had to offer. The intern house was spacious and comfortable and only a one minute walk from the beautiful beach – it was

a perfect location, and exotic birds and butterflies were always close by. Making food and sharing cuisine was a big focus part of our working days, I was thoroughly impressed by the colourful dishes we created! In my short time I was involved in a number of exciting projects, from piloting algae farming projects to making sand filters to purify water. I really appreciated every day being different and exciting, it was a true insight into the working lives of the EcoSwell team. I was challenged by the language barrier as I knew minimal Spanish, however with help from the other interns I managed to improve quite considerably by the end of my stay. I was proud of challenging myself to learn something I had never considered learning before.

Learning of the history of Lobitos and it’s political issues was truly eye-opening and asides from making me feel lucky, it put my contribution to the cause in perspective. I would have liked to spend a longer time here to fully immerse myself in the projects as I felt like I only scratched the surface on what was going on, though for myself it was a great learning experience and I greatly grew in confidence in my abilities.”

NGO Management Internship in Peru




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Alice Hamer

21 year old Ecology and Conservation Graduate from Lancaster University, England. Seeking international environmental conservation / sustainability work.