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Cambodia: NGO Management Development

“My time in Cambodia has been the highlight of my life this far! The organisation was helpful even from the beginning; they attended to our queries and concern prior to arrival and even provided pick up from the airport- a warm welcome from another volunteer and the tuk-tuk driver.

Throughout my volunteerism, I was initially given the role of a Women’s Healthcare Officer, however, I was given the opportunity to be involved in all other projects, including the Piglets Program, WASH Program, Sustainable Teaching/Teaching English as Second Language Program. I was brought to the villages to see how workshops and meetings are being conducted in the villages-  everything is in the Khmer language so I was just observing but these experiences in the villages are very valuable.

Furthermore, I was also given the opportunity to be involved in Grants and Reports Writing- this is my favourite as I could utilise my drafting skill from my legal training in the grants and reports writing. I worked under minimal supervision from the Executive Director and my greatest success was when I submitted a lengthy and comprehensive grant application to a famous foundation! I was also tasked with recruiting where I got the opportunity to meet many people, i.e. applicants eager to join the organisation and conducted interviews as well as further communications with successful applicants. Joining this project has definitely broaden my mind and changed my perspectives on material possession and life in general. I would totally recommend this program to anyone who is interested in NGO management.”

NGO Management Development in Cambodia

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Kathryn Tan