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Dolphin Project Alonissos 2016


“For the summer of 2016, I decided I wanted to do participate in a volunteering program somewhere in Europe. Since I was twelve and became a scuba diver, Greece had become one of my top destinations for diving sites. So, I did some research on the programs available in different websites, and came across the Global Nomadic program in Alonissos, Greece. The dolphin research assistant position in that remote island was the perfect opportunity for both scuba diving in the Aegean Sea and carrying out research for Marine Conservation, which is also my passion. I chose this position in the project with the MOm NGO because it started at the right time in August and had the perfect duration and so avoiding any time confections with the start of classes at my University.

Living on this island in Greece looking for dolphins out in the sea and scuba diving during my free time came to be an amazing experience. I arrived in Alonissos in August, met my project coordinator and the other research assistants who were going to be the people I was going to work with but also the people I was going to be living with. I lived for a week with people from Australia and Cyprus. It was such a great learning experience to live with people from such different countries with cultures from mine. Despite the fact that we had a rough time spotting any dolphins during the whole week, I will always remember the long chats we had in the boat trips around the national park, talking about our lives, getting to know each other. We would always stop the chats for moments of extreme concentration when we passed by any sites or areas where we could have a chance of spotting any dorsal fins during the long trips around the islands. We spent every day and night together and I am very glad we did. We ended up becoming very good friends and still keep in touch now. The project in itself was a very interesting experience but what topped the living was the people I shared the week with.

I would definitely recommend this project to someone who is passionate about Marine Conservation. The organization works hard to protect and conserve the dolphin and monk seal populations and nature in the national park, and can always use help. Working for a volunteering program can be a very rewarding experience placement specially in one such as this one in which you also get to enjoy the beauty of the Aegean Sea. I think everyone would benefit and not regret from a living like this one.”

Dolphin Research Internship in Greece

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Arnau Argemi