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Report No. I


“My first month in UB was lived with mixed feelings. I had troubles with even coming to Mongolia because I was misinformed by my organization, but I’m in the process of sorting out options of compensation with Global Nomadic/ New Choice now. I am staying with a host family, which is in general fine and an awesome way to experience local life. My host family is very nice, but nobody speaks English, which makes it kind of hard being at home most of the time. We are six people in a 2 bedroom apartment. I have a room on my own by now. Needless to say that the living situation is not ideal, but endurable for me.

The internship is going well so far. We only work 3 days a week. The atmosphere is more than relaxed. What I miss is a little direction though. I am not a full-on journalist, therefore a little guidance would have been nice in the beginning. You can basically write about anything, which is a little hard for me because I am a sucker when it comes to deciding. This is why, I was sent to galleries two times so far to write about the current exhibition, which was really nice.

After almost two weeks I came across the possibility to go on trip to the Gobi for 6 days, which was totally fine with the editor. They really give you a lot of space to get the most of your Mongolian experience. The trip was amazing!!!”

TV & Print Journalism Internship in Mongolia

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Louisa Rhode