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Italy (Ischia): Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Dolphin Research Internship in Italy

I have a wonderful time in Ischia doing this conservation trip for dolphins and whales in the Mediterranean Ocean. I think this project is still on its progress to come up with a conclusion on the current status for these marine mammals and a complete scientific paper on its findings. I think I definitely made a difference to this project by adding more data to the data set. The challenges that I have encountered is knowing where the dolphins may be. I also couldn’t find any whales during my time there unfortunately. We could not find any solutions to overcome that challenge since we do not have an accurate prediction as to where these whales may be. I am very proud of how many dolphins we get to see and record and admire during my week there. This project met some of my expectations, but not all. I would definitely recommend this project to many of my friends.


Dolphin Research Placement in Italy

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