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Bali turtle Conservation

This project has been more incredible than I thought it would be, and I have loved every minute. My favorite part of the project was measuring the turtles to make sure they are growing properly and a healthy weight. This project is making a difference on the island by making trash bins to put around the island, so the local people will hopefully stop throwing their trash on the ground. They are also making signs to show the locals the difference between recyclables and not recyclables. The challenges have been not having enough work, even the beach cleanups have only been about an hour, but I think that is because it is very hot and the staff doesn’t want people to get heat sickness. There are also a lot of volunteers, more than anticipated, which spreads the work a bit thin. It is great to see so many people concerned for the environment and the turtles as well. I love doing beach and street clean ups because it makes me feel like I am making a difference in this project. I would recommend this program to friends because Green Lion is incredible and the staff are patient and wonderful.


Turtle Conservation & Rehabilitation Project in Bali


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Josie Fool