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“I did the India road trip earlier on this year with a friend, there were 2 other girls who came by themselves and we all got on really well as a group, which was great. The guides are Beth Pillbrilliant, they totally know what they are doing, which was perfect and at no point did we feel unsafe with them. With the amount of bus rides and travelling around we did, it was good to have someone who could communicate with the locals without having to resort to acting out everything, and who helped us not get to badly ripped off at the markets.

Beth Pill2The tour itself was great because it covered so much of India, starting up in Shimla where I got to climb my first ever mountain, then heading down to the chilled out beaches of Goa where the sea is warm and the sun is HOT. From there you could head home or carry on travelling around by yourself, maybe check out what the rest of the south has to offer.

The accommodation was very basic, I mean it wouldn’t pass basic English standards, BUT it’s India and after your first couple of nights you get used to it all, chill out and loose your western fussyness. If you like your creature comforts and fluffy cushions you will find the trip tough.

I was so glad that I brought a backpack and not a suitcase, due to the fact that you are lugging it around with you most of the time, it would have been a nightmare with a suitcase.

Overall this was the perfect tour as it covered so much of India, I felt safe and would totally recommend it to anyone, male or female, but especially females who don’t feel comfortable going on their own. India is such an exciting and different place to visit, I would definitely say go! ”

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