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Interviewing the President of Mongolia

Journalism Internship


“I really enjoyed my time in Mongolia, I got to do everything: from sleeping in a ger like the old (and still current in some areas) times, to interviewing the President in his modern palace (see the picture attached). I think what really made the program good for me was its lack of overbearing structure. What I asked to do, I could do, because the newspaper is very loose. I chose not to do the international page, like most foreigners do, and made my own contacts and generated my own stories in the city.

That was very passionate work for me, as I felt like I was contributing to the society there in much more relevant and significant ways that I could do back in the States. My coworkers, although not immediately embracive, got to know me well and even hosted me on a country trip they did. I really enjoyed working with them, hearing their perspectives on National issues, and having them as local friends. I feel that I shall be friends with some for life. Plus, the host family was awesome, hospitable, and unbelievably generous. It all combined to make for a meaningful and life-changing experience.”


TV & Print Journalism Internship in Mongolia

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Dashiell Young-Saver