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Renewable Energy Development in Lobitos, Peru

Environmental Conservation Internship in Peru report by Javier


“One of my best experiences abroad! Peru has definitely left a mark on me.

As a volunteer for the NGO I participated in many projects in such a short time! Time flew! These are some of the projects that my team and I were involved in:

  • Planting day🌱! Although we had to wake up every week at 6:00 it was very fun!
  • Reforestation to protect the Peruvian “Cortarramas” bird and restore its habitat
  • Website translation (Spanish and English)
  • Facebook and Steemit marketing
  • Buying groceries, etc in Talara for all the ecoFamily
  • Writing a letter to the Mayor to obtain permission to install our sign
  • Designing and building a solar distiller to produce drinking water from seawater
  • Trialling different materials in the dry toilet to reduce water and form compost
  • Designing a renewable energy system for the rural health clinic to avoid disposing the vaccines after a blackout
  • Checking the performance of a PV system


In addition, I also learnt how to live with less resources, responsibly use water, deal with extended electrical blackouts, minimize my internet access, travel in overcrowded vans with many people on bumpy dirt rides, recover from frequent food poisoning, survive without a proper hospital in the village and I also learnt about corruption.

All this makes you value what you have at home. I really missed having a hot shower! 🚿

 Apart from this, Lobitos is a great place to learn to surf, go fishing, eat ceviche, watch the sunset, learn spanish, see wild animals in front of your house, and even swim with turtles!

It was sad to say goodbye so soon, I would’ve loved to see my major project finished. Thanks for everything! I wish you the best and that you are very successful with your future endeavours. I will recommend this experience to everyone who asks me!

🌄And Machupicchu… WOW! This place is magical and amazing! I almost didn’t make it, but after two flight cancellations, driving to another airport, convincing the airline to change my flights, hotel cancelations, losing my laptop and suitcase, not sleeping at all and so on, I arrived just in time to catch the train to Machupicchu. This place really captivated me. But don’t get too excited and climb very quickly, otherwise you might feel the altitude sickness!”

Renewable Energy Development in Peru


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Jose Javier Rosas Echeverria