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Swimming with giants


While browsing around I stumbled upon an advertisement to come do and Volunteer/Internship program with Whale Sharks and other Megafauna down in Mozambique. This sounded like an amazing opportunity that I couldn’t pass up, so licitly split I applied, was accepted (YA!), got my visa and flights in order, and in no time I found myself in Mozambique! My first impression of everything was just jaw dropping gorgeous!

Fantastic diving in Tofo, Mozambique!

We came with a Marine Biology degree, graphics designer and a Math, English and History teacher and at no point of the project did this difference in knowledge posed a hindrance in any of the work that we did. Katie does a great job of explaining to us the basics of megafauna, what we should see here in Tofo, what work will be expected of us and why that work is so important as well as answering any questions we came up with.

This has been one of the best experiences I have had and I couldn’t of had such a great one if it wasn’t for all the guys and gals at Peri-Peri who incorporated us into the daily life and really made us feel like a part of the group.  My awesome fellow volunteers for making this a fantastic 4 weeks!  And I can’t forget the gals who helped us the whole time with questions and ideas as well as opening this project up to Civilian Scientist!


Whale Shark Conservation Project in Mozambique


Whale Shark Conservation Project in Mozambique



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Latoosa Jensen

I have a degree in Marine Biology and Marine Transportation. Fort the past 5 years I have been working on exploratory Drill Ships worldwide. I live overseas in Germany and have my open water PADI dive certificate.