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Thank you for this amazing experience

Thailand Coral Reef Research & Plastic Pollution and Conservation in Phang Nga

During my holidays I chose to go 3 weeks in Thailand including 2 in a “useful” way by being a volunteer in Phang Nga.

As a nature lover, I opted for the Conservation program, this experience allowed me to learn about the various species on which we work: green turtles, birds, butterflies, coral … but also, to make nice meetings with people with different life projects. The members on site are really passionate, listening, it was a pleasure to be with them and help them in their projects.

I think that beach cleaning has made me even more aware of my environmental impact and the really negative impact of plastic on our Earth.

And I also discovered the UN Sustainable Development Goals shared by the project, which I did not know and which gives hope for our future.

These 2 weeks were very rich in terms of learning, relational, discovery, today back in France I want to get involved and help the project to be known and I know that this project will be again a choice for my next vacation!

Thank you for this amazing experience.


Climate Change and Coral Bleaching in Fiji



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