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Have you ever dived with a whale shark?

Mexico: Marine Conservation Project

I had no expectations! The only thing I did know, was that I would be living under very primitive conditions in a jungle and doing research diving. What’s not to like?

Basically, I came for the diving, but I left with so much more! I was really inspired by living and working closely with people from so many different cultures and backgrounds who all shared the same passion for protecting the environment.

We were diving twice a day, studying fish and corals, learning about aquatic life, spotting birds, collecting trash on the beach and working hard in order to make the base run smoothly.

The project staff taught me so much, they’re working so hard with such great passion.

Everybody on base was family, we shared everything, especially many great experiences.

I would like to encourage everybody to go help out, to save the coral reefs before it’s too late and we lose them forever!

Have you ever dived with a whale shark? Have you ever helped a baby turtle to safely reach the ocean? Have you ever tried to make a difference for the natural world surrounding us?

– It’s never too late and I’m sure they will gladly help you!

Marine Conservation Project in Mexico


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Tobias Rytter