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Human Rights & Legal Aid Internship in Tanzania


  1. Do you feel the project makes an impact in its field? I feel very strongly that AWLAHURIO makes an impact in the human rights area. They take measures to balance family and, when possible, reconcile them. They are some of the kindest, empathetic, and altruistic legal professionals that I have ever met.
  2. Do you feel that you have made a difference to the project? Yes, I feel very strongly that I have made a difference. One of our human rights is to have a suitable working environment. Considering that, Fredrik Linden and I took on the task of remodeling the office.  We had minor assistance from the other team members.  It was a lot of work and we had a short period of time to accomplish it. However, we believed that it was the right thing to do. Its importance was only amplified by the fact that we were the first group to look at this most reasonable and practical aspect of helping the organization. Being in the moment is crucial to seizing opportunities to improve anything.
  3. What challenges have you encountered? Well one challenge was being able to convince law students that one of the human rights was the the right to have a descent place to work. More than one of them (other than Fredrik Linden) stated during tense times that they did not come for this. The way I responded was to advise that no one came specifically for that task but that we all came to learn about human rights and this part of the project was one of the most important and practical aspects of that. The project continued to fruition of the goals.
  4. Did you manage to overcome any of the challenges? We  overcame the challenges by continuing to work even when we were uncertain. Materials were hard to find because of our lack of knowledge regarding the area. However, after walking, asking questions and following up, we found what was needed in every situation.  The laws and precedents were difficult to reference as well. However, we determined that a database was needed. The database was developed through various areas being researched by each team member. Afterwards the parts were compiled in an Access database and made into a standalone database.
  5. What successes are you proud of? I am proud that we were able to overcome the difficulties and uncertainties of the project. Getting beyond the different cultural backgrounds to elevate the environment and image of AWLAHURIO as an organization was extremely rewarding.
  6. Did the project meet your expectations? The project met my expectations and more. Being able to go to the ICTR and the African Court for Human and Peoples Rights was a very pleasing experience. The students from Sweden and Denmark were especially  kind and helpful in their respective capacities.
  7. Would you recommend this project to a friend? I would definitely recommend the legal aid program to anyone in the legal field or considering it. You would not regret this grassroots training with Advocate Martha Lyimo and Paralegal Neema Matthew.


Human Rights & Legal Aid Internship in Tanzania


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