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Veterinary Internship in Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Veterinary internship


“As a first year animal science student living in Australia’s countryside, I decided to look into veterinary internships overseas as that is where I would like to end up working. Global nomadic was the most enticing program that popped out, so I enquired and within a few weeks I was planning for the trip to Rarotonga! Not knowing what to expect, I packed my bags and headed for the two leg trip from Sydney via Auckland. I arrived at around 11:30pm and was greeted by the two loveliest vets and I all my nerves went away as I knew I was in safe hands. We arrive at the clinic, and was greeted by loud barks, puppy barks as well as the resident dog Mama, and the resident cat, Orlando, both of whom decided that my room would be the best place to sleep for the next two weeks.
Veterinary Internship in the Cook IslandsOver the duration of the internship I met some amazing vets and vet nurses from around the world who gladly shared their knowledge of the veterinary profession. The days were busy, but the work was always worth it and every minute in the surgery room or in the clinic room and even feeding and bathing and walking the dogs were worth it. It was easy to see how happy the dogs were being cared for as well as they could be under the circumstances, and it was so nice to be able to help out.

I think my favourite moment on the trip was helping out Mark, a vet from America, do 10 desexing surgeries in a row. The skill, patience, care and determination that he had for that day and the whole time I knew him was something I will always admire and strive towards.

This project has showed me a completely different side of the animal care world and everything I learnt, participated in and observed have been so valuable for me and my future.

I would definitely recommend this project to others, as it is such a rewarding and valuable experience to even be able to travel, let alone doing a wonderful internship in a career you are passionate about.”

Veterinary Internship in the Cook Islands

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Kasey Sherwood