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Medical Volunteering in Tanzania

Gertjan Flo medical intern in tanzania


“As a medical student, I really wanted to go volunteering at a hospital in a developing country. In my search for a proper organization, Global Nomadic stood out. The staff was so helpful. They gave me all the information about the project, helped me with my flight tickets, the vaccinations, brought me into contact with the local staff, informed me about the placement in Arusha, and so on. They made it so easy for me.

I was placed in an apartment in Arusha. Being in contact with the other volunteers at the apartment was for me one of the highlights of my 5 weeks in Tanzania. The apartment was so good: the rooms, the food, the entourage, it was perfect!

The medical project was also really good. Although there were a lot of volunteers when I was there (July), the doctors and nurses made you feel very welcome, asked you questions, let you do some vaccinations, taking blood pressure, assist in some delivery’s and other operations. During my stay at the hospital, I learned a lot of things and practiced my skills. For me, it was an incredible experience.

I would definitely recommend Global Nomadic for everybody who wants to go volunteer in a foreign country. The program and the placement is so well organized, plus they really make you feel at home. Also, the local staff is very helpful in organizing to go on safari, relax at Zanzibar or do the Kilimanjaro trekking”

Medical Internship in Tanzania


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Gertjan de Flo