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TEFL training in Thailand

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“I would like to extend a great deal of gratitude to Global Nomadic for their hand in assimilating me into the Thai culture. Through the paid teaching program, I have been successfully implanted into one of the most amazing school systems I could ever have hoped for. I have set up shop in the southeast of Thailand in the province of Chanthaburi. My apartment lays along the Mae Nam Chanthaburi river, in a valley at the base of a small mountain range and within striking distance of a handful of impressive beaches.

In regards to teaching, I have been brought on as an English and Health teacher for ages 10-12 at a school in the center of town called Anuban Chanthaburi. The school is fully loaded with an arsenal of intelligent staff and top-tier resources. The kids at this school are fantastic. My classes don’t exceed 25 students and despite a few hiccups with some chatty older boys I have been extremely grateful for such a wonderful group.

Having only been in Thailand for one month, my cultural knowledge is flourishing every single day. I am consistently blown away by the ability of the Thai people to completely absolve themselves of stress and worry. The people I’ve meet through this program and through my own adventures have left a lasting impression upon me.Those who choose to take part in this program and assimilate themselves into the Thai culture should find that they will take from it only as much as they are willing to put in. This has been an amazing first month of traveling, teaching, and constant learning and I look forward to shaking a few more hands while I continue my adventure. While I am not an authority on Thailand, I could certainly recommend being a traveling teacher and keeping a detailed catalog of your experience to share for future teachers and adventure-seekers.

Below are some videos that I have compiled from the past few weeks, enjoy.”

Having a Wander: Traveling South to Chao Lao

Weekend Trip to Khao Yai National Forest Preserve

Posted by Evan Jansen – September 2013

TEFL Training and Paid Teaching in Thailand

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