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7 Things You Can Do on Regular Days to Reduce Global Warming

7 Things You Can Do on Regular Days to Reduce Global Warming

Global warming is a topic of concern to almost every individual in the world today. Although environmentalists believe it began so many years ago, its effects are massively felt today. Unfortunately, global warming is a result of every human’s lifestyle.

Over the years, the scientists have unsuccessfully called upon people to embrace a lifestyle that doesn’t impose danger on the environment. This is because most people don’t know that they can participate in regulating the climate when they make environmentally friendly choices.

Below are the things you can do on regular days to save the environment.

  1. Reduce, reuse and recycle

While shopping is a fun activity, it’s important to reduce the need to buy things that you don’t need. Alternatively, buy re-usable or eco-friendly things. This point is particularly about the household items. It will help you cut back on the waste.

It’s advisable to re-use the packaging items like the water bottles, plastic containers and bread ties among others. For the disposables, try to use them in other ways. Ultimately, reusing will reduce the need for waste disposal.

Recycling reduces the amount of waste. Most people think of recycling in terms of water because they recycle water at home. But, you can recycle nearly everything you can think of. A good example is recycling the kitchen waste to fertilizers and used water to sprinkle on plants.

  1. Mode of transport

Humanity needs transportation to make life easy. Whether going to work, school or hospital you must use some form of transportation. The humanity’s love for cars is because they are conveniently fast but, they emit harmful gas as you drive.

Aside from that, dropping the cars reduces the need to dispose old cars. Therefore, when going to the grocery store or for other errands, use a bus or use one car from the family not everyone with their own car.

Alternatively, consider other environmentally friendly choices like cycling and walking. These methods will help you maintain a fit body. Though walking may prove impractical for some people, cycling is a gamechanger.

Thus, to help your planet, drop the car and buy a bike today. Moreover, if you can use the train instead of aircraft the better. Aeroplanes are a major source of changes in the climate because they emit carbon dioxide.

  1. Go for renewable energy

Electricity is effective but, have you ever asked yourself what the universe goes through to allow the electricity into your homes? In most cases, electricity is either hydroelectric or geothermal. Both processes allow the depletion of the environment in form of water and rocks.

Nevertheless, today you may choose to power your house using solar or wind energy. Find a Green e certified solar company that will install solar panels in your home. Remember, solar and wind energy reduces the cost of your utility bills.

Moreover, it’s a clean source of energy. Apart from the factories that assemble the panels, when at home they use the sun to produce energy. Since the sun shines in the entire globe at different times, if countries chose to invest in the solar system the world will move a step from global warming.

  1. Educate and conserve the environment together

Since all humanity contributes to this disaster, the whole world should work together to curb the universal degradation. You may assume that people know what you know but that isn’t always the case. They know the topic but aren’t informed of the dire effects.

To make a difference, join the global warming groups as you take time to teach all and sundry. Today, social media has made it easy to pass information to a massive group within a short time. Teach what you know to your surrounding community too.

With this, it’s easy to influence government decisions on energy concerns.

If you will make it your mission to share the ways to reduce global warming with your family friends and co-workers, you will help move a great mile. Forget not your children since they are the future leaders. Teach them how to conserve the environment.

This will help them grow up knowing how to protect the planet.

  1. How about changing the bulbs and using only energy efficient items?

Most homes have dropped the use of regular incandescent bulbs for LED bulbs today. This is because they consume lesser energy while lasting long. Aside from that, it saves you money at the end of every month when you need to clear the electricity bills.

When leaving your house, remember to turn off the bulbs and other switches in the house. This helps conserve the energy and reduce unnecessary costs. Buying energy efficient tools is the other method that helps to reduce the release of carbon dioxide in the air.

While some people may take it lightly, it will determine whether you are helping reduce global warming or not. When buying a refrigerator, cooker, washing machine, dishwasher or even a car confirm that its energy efficient. You can check its energy star label.

  1. Tree planting

Planting a tree is never in vain. Most people think of the shade and beauty of the environment but the trees clean your air especially during photosynthesis. Everyone knows that trees consume carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen during photosynthesis.

The earth needs this air exchange especially because the carbon dioxide emission is increasing. However, deforestation has adversely affected the universe and humanity needs to plant more trees. If you have a place to plant a tree go ahead and plant one and take care of it.

  1. Home heaters, cloth drying machines and air conditioners

All these machines have the duty to help make your life easy. But, why would you invest in it if over the years it causes climatic changes? It’s right to say that you need a controlled temperature to survive. However, you may insulate your walls and windows to moderate your temperatures.

Also, use very warm clothes to keep you warm so that you only use the air con and heaters during extreme temperature. Avoid using a drying machine completely. Line dry your clothes and you will thank your environment.

As you can see, you only need to make a few alterations. Curbing global warming is easy but there’s need to act fast to save the planet.




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