Refund Guarantee

If your programme is cancelled by the organisation, then we will guarantee the refund of your deposit. Either you will be able to switch to any other project that we offer – under our Flexible Deposit benefit, or we will refund your deposit in full.

In case of a medical emergency, it won’t be possible to get a refund on your deposit or balance fee, but we could place you at any project, at any point in the future once you are ready. In any case we will do whatever we can to ensure that a preferable outcome is achieved.

It is strongly advised that you take adequate travel insurance for your trip, which would cover you for emergencies, such as sudden illness, loss of personal items, trip cancellations etc. Travel insurance covers medical emergencies, emergency evacuations, trip cancellations, personal belongings and personal liabilities.

Please note: This refund guarantee is not applicable if the cancellation is due to your own fault (i.e. you violate the Terms & Conditions, gross negligence, delayed submission of documents, delayed payments), if you decide not to attend, or because the cancellation has been caused by force majeure.

Global Nomadic is unable to refund any third party costs that are not supplied by us, or the project organisation. This means that costs for flight tickets, travel insurance, visa fees, etc. or fees paid directly to any project organisation (only due 30 days prior to your arrival), won’t be subject to the refund guarantee.

* The Manatee & Primate rehabilitation projects in Belize are exempt from this guarantee, as the animals under their care are very dependent upon volunteers and interns, and payment of the deposit must be a firm commitment to attend the project.