Essay Competition with the Royal Veterinary College

veterinary internship kohlanta

Global Nomadic was very proud to sponsor an essay competition in conjunction with the Royal Veterinary College in London, UK. The question to answer was; “Wildlife rehabilitation poses a real ethical dilemma – do the ends justify the means and how can the veterinary profession help promote conservation and world animal welfare?”

With over 50 entries submitted, the list was reduced to just 5 entries from Ellie Fay, Jo Ditzel, Jo Hardy, Nikki Hinman and Zara Heaven. All of the participants gave a short presentation with a Powerpoint slideshow, and presented their arguments set out in their essays. It was very difficult to choose a clear winner, and the judges, made up by Vice Principle Stephen May, Ethics Lecturer Martin Whiting and Global Nomadic Director Jeremy Freedman, took quite a while to reach a consensus.
We are pleased to announce the overall winner to be Jo Ditzel, with the runners up being Nikki Hinman and Zara Heaven. The tope prize includes a free project and placement fee for the Spay and Neutering programme in Panama, followed by a free placement at the Manatee and Primate Rehabilitation project in Belize, and Zara will get to use her free placement fee for any project of her choice.
We very much look forward to facilitating the placements for the winners and organising more competitions in the near future!