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veterinary internship in the cooks
Veterinary Internship on Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Journalism Internship

TV Journalism Internship in Mongolia

Nora Sinokki Human rights internship in Tanzania
Human Rights internship in Tanzania

What do we offer?

Global Nomadic empowers positive change by connecting people with projects
We provide access to vetted, worthwhile international internships in a wide range of professional fields.
Global Nomadic is a trusted community marketplace connecting people with NGO projects around the world.

Direct Communication

We offer an innovative platform, allowing you to communicate directly with numerous project coordinators to ask questions and submit your application form. We are a completely free service for you and exist to help you find the perfect project.

Grassroots NGO Projects

We have carefully chosen and vetted all of our NGO project partners to ensure they offer reputable and worthwhile experiences. These projects exist to support their local communities and causes, and welcome participants to help them achieve their goals.

Premium Support

We offer optional premium support should you require, helping you to find and book your flights, travel insurance, visas, vaccinations and anything else you will need for your placement.

How it works

Our platform is built with simplicity in mind. Follow the 5 steps listed below to find your perfect project, ask questions, fill in an application and confirm your place. We offer additional support to help you from start to finish.

Find Your Project
Ask a Question
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Get Ready

Reports from the Field

veterinary internship in the cooks
Ashley Houston – Veterinary Internship on Rarotonga, Cook Islands

A dog came in today with fish poisoning. When dogs eat fish that come off the reef, they lose weight very rapidly and lose muscular function…..

Journalism Internship
Dashiell Young-Saver – Interviewing the President of Mongolia

I really enjoyed my time in Mongolia, I got to do everything: from sleeping in a ger like the old (and still current in some areas) times, to interviewing the President….

Nora Sinokki Human rights internship in Tanzania
Nora Sinokki – My experience on the Human Rights internship in Tanzania

Today I spent the morning at Arusha High Court. That made me realise that it’s probably time to write a little bit about work – after all, that is the main reason for me being in Tanzania…

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