Photo Competition – Compete in the Selfie Glolympics!

selfie olympics

The art of self-portrait photography is as old as the art of photography itself, the first selfie being taken in 1839, almost 175 years ago! It wasn’t until more recent years however, that the term ‘selfie’ became a household expression. Thanks to an Internet explosion of more or less badly framed self-portraits posted on any and all social networks, the word ‘selfie’ was finally included in the Oxford Dictionary of the English Language in late 2013 and was designated the word of the year.

With the recent 2014 Winter Olympics, a new Internet phenomenon has appeared; the Selfie Olympics, involving selfies taken in unusual situations.

obama-selfieHere at Global Nomadic we like to celebrate both the unusual and the usual and have arranged our own Selfie Glolympics! However, instead of unusual situations, we are asking participants to send us your selfies, taken on location abroad, be it a volunteer project or a short holiday trip, showcasing all the beautiful corners of our world, and your place in it.

Of course, all entries need to adhere to the universal selfie rules; i.e your picture must include yourself and must be taken by yourself. The real challenge will lie in framing your picture to also include something of interest in the background, which can tell us a little something of the place you are in, and/or the people you have met there.

Submit your entry to [email protected] before May 15th 2015 to be in with a chance to win a free placement! Successful entries will be gathered in a Facebook album where you can vote for your favourite Glomadic Selfie!

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