Wildlife Conservation Internships

Every continent on Earth is filled with wildlife, from the most remote wilderness to sprawling urban cities. It is the highlight of many holidays and excursions into nature and the study in animals in the wild is a vital part of our understanding of our planet. Yet in the past 40 years, more than half of all wildlife on Earth has vanished, as a direct result of human activities. We have hunted them into extinction, destroyed and exploited their habitats and worsened their climate. By the year 2020, it is believed more than two-thirds of all wild animals will be gone. And once a species has gone extinct, there is no going back. Wildlife conservation efforts play a crucial role in halting this extreme trend and great strides have been made with iconic species such as the tiger and the panda. By taking part in wildlife rehabilitation internships the world over, you can help rescue and rehabilitate threatened species – making the entire planet richer.