4 Great Internships For People With Families

4 Great Internships For People With Families

Internships can be an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to build their resume or gain valuable new skills and experiences.

For many individuals, they participate in an internship program as part of their college educational experience. Perhaps they spend their summer break working as an intern, or they may extend their program by a semester or year in order to fit in an internship.

But guess what? Internships aren’t only for twenty year old college sophomores looking to gain experience before they graduate. For some individuals, it makes sense to take an internship after you’ve already started your career, and perhaps your family as well.

Maybe you’re thinking of a career change and want to gain experience in a different industry.  Perhaps you want to give your family the gift of travel, and an internship abroad provides the financial means to do that.

Whatever the reason you are considering an internship placement, having a family should not prevent you from pursuing this goal.

  • “But I can’t take 6 months away from my full time job…we have bills to pay!”
  • “I can’t afford to work for free, even if it is a great opportunity! My children rely on my salary.”

Obviously, keeping a roof over your child’s head and food on the table is of the utmost importance! However, those needs don’t have to prevent you from choosing an internship program. If you are looking for an international internship that can accommodate the needs of someone with a family, here are a few you should consider:

Cambodia: TEFL Course and English Teaching


If you think you might want to be a teacher but haven’t obtained a teaching degree yet, this internship is for you! This program starts with a 4 week training in which you will learn the basic skills you will need to teach English in a classroom setting. Following the training you will be given a teaching placement in a local Cambodian school, where you will work for the duration of one school year.

This program offers a paid salary to its participants, a necessity when supporting a family. It also provides flexibility in living accommodations. The program directors will assist you in finding housing that meets your family’s needs.

If you’d like to gain teaching experience and clarify whether or not this is the career for you, Cambodian internship might be the perfect fit.

Czech Republic: TEFL Training and English Teaching

teach English in Prague

Prague is widely considered one of the most beautiful and historically rich cities in the world. An internship program in this East European cultural center is an experience unlike any other.

This program provides extensive teacher training followed by a year-long placement in a local school. Teachers will receive a monthly salary and assistance in finding appropriate accommodations for your family.

Another major benefit to interning in Prague is that the city’s low cost of living makes it possible to enjoy the world-renowned food, beer, and social scene. If your family is looking for a European adventure and cultural experience unlike any other, this is one internship program you don’t want to miss.

Costa Rica: Cloud Forest Nature Reserve Volunteer

Education Research Internship in Costa Rica

Taking an entire semester (or in some cases, a full year) for an internship program, particularly if that program is unpaid, can be difficult, if not impossible, for those with families. Luckily, there are some internship programs, such as this Costa Rican internship, that can be worked around your schedule and only require a two-week commitment.

If you’re interested in environmental conservation and the prospect of spending your days in a nature reserve fills you with excitement, this internship may be right for you. When you aren’t assisting teams of conservations or working with visiting student groups, you’ll be able to enjoy hiking on the countless trails or swimming in the pristine mountain rivers.

Guatemala: Medical and Healthcare Project

Guatemala: Medical and Healthcare Project

Another great internship program for those who require a shorter time commitment, this Guatemalan medical internship is a wonderful opportunity to offer your medical knowledge and expertise to help underprivileged communities.

Due to the extreme poverty in Guatemala, there are many towns and villages that do not have regular access to quality medical care.  Interested individuals with a medical background will be matched with a position that best utilizes your specific skills. If you have two weeks this year to make a difference for people in need while simultaneously strengthening your resume, this internship is for you.

International internships uniquely combine job skills training and networking opportunities with once in a lifetime travel experiences. The variety of programs available makes it possible for anyone to participate in an internship. Regardless of your state in life or career position, there are internship opportunities available that can accommodate the needs of your family.