7 Reasons Why You Should Consider An International Internship

7 Reasons to do an international internship

Companies and programs around the world are constantly recruiting men and women to join their teams and support their organizations by participating in an internship program. These internships are available in nearly every country and cater to all demographics and professional fields.

Popular amongst college students and recent grads looking for adventure before settling into a career, international internships offer the opportunity to gain valuable work experience, hone specific field or industry related skills, and explore and experience another culture and country.

However, international internships are not reserved only for early twenty-somethings fresh out of school. Internships are a valuable experience and have a lot to offer, even if you’ve already started your career. Whether you have recently graduated college or you’ve already begun building your career, there are both professional and personal benefits to interning abroad.

7 Reasons Why You Should Consider An International Internship

  1. Gain Professional Work Experience
    Whether you are new to your professional field or you’ve been working in your industry for a while, internships allow you to take on new and different roles and strengthen your professional skills. Many internships include mentorship opportunities in which the intern is able to learn from the expertise of others and receive helpful feedback.
  2. Increase Cultural Awareness
    Our world is more connected than ever before and it’s never been more important or helpful to have an understanding and appreciation for different cultures. International internships provide the opportunity to not simply learn about another culture, but to truly experience other cultures by immersing yourself within their daily life.
  3. Improve Language Skills
    Have you ever dreamed of learning another language? Do you work in a field, such as healthcare or education, that regularly puts you in contact with people speaking a different language? As anyone who has ever successfully gained fluency in a second language will tell you, the surest way to learn another language is to immerse yourself in an environment in which that language is spoken regularly. Interning abroad gives time to consistently and regularly practice speaking another language with native speakers.
  4. Strengthen Your Resume
    If you are currently job hunting or applying for a promotion, it’s important to find ways to set yourself apart from other applicants. An excellent way to become a cut above the rest is to take advantage of internship opportunities. This shows future employers that you’ve taken the time to invest in learning new things and honing your craft.
  5. Networking Opportunities
    Businesses are global. Companies often have offices in multiple countries, outsource some of their work to international companies or subcontractors, or maintain professional relationships or partnerships with other industry related businesses. If you are hoping to scale your career or having opportunities to work with high profile companies, it’s helpful to have connections with other individuals in your company or field that can connect you to job opportunities and help you navigate your particular field.
  6. Experience New Places
    For those who dream of traveling and have lists a mile long of places they’d like to visit, an international internship is a wonderful opportunity to see new places. While work days may be spent at the office, evenings and weekends are the perfect time for day trips and adventures. Being that many internships last 6-12 months, there is ample time to not only see all of the popular tourist destinations, but to enjoy the local favorites as well.
  7. Interning Abroad Is Fun
    It may sound too simple, but spending time living and working in another country is a lot of fun! From new friends and relationships to weekend trips and international cuisine, there is so much to enjoy while spending time interning abroad.


Regardless of where you are in your professional journey, it’s never too late to participate in an international internship. The work experience and networking opportunities are sure to bolster your professional career, and the relationships formed and memories made will last a lifetime. Visit our open projects page to see if there’s a placement opportunity that’s right for you!