5 Incredible Internship Opportunities for Human Rights Enthusiasts

5 Incredible Internship Opportunities for Human Rights Enthusiasts

Today, all over the world, there are men, women, and children whose basic human rights are not being honored or sufficiently met. There are families who go to bed hungry, entire communities without a clean source of water, and children being sold into slavery by traffickers trying to make some money.

As unsettling as this reality is, there is some good news! There are countless organizations worldwide working to meet the needs provide a glimmer of hope to those individuals who need it most. These organizations rely on the time and effort of dedicated men and women to keep their work sustainable.

If you have a passion for helping people and human rights issues light a fire in your heart, check out these incredible opportunities to learn, travel, and grow your human rights career, all while making a difference for those in need!

5 Incredible Internship Opportunities for Human Rights Enthusiasts

  1. Guatemala: Human Rights Project

The Maya indigenous populations of Guatemala have been dealing with social exclusion for decades. A problem which began during Guatemala’s 36 year civil war, the Maya continue so be denied the basic rights, such as land ownership, given to other Guatemalans.

This internship provides the opportunity to work with local organizations to support the vulnerable populations of Guatemala by documenting abuse cases and providing community education surrounding these human rights issues.

5 Incredible Internship Opportunities for Human Rights Enthusiasts

2. Buenos Aires: Human Rights Professional Placement

If you are looking for an ideal career building internship in the human rights field, this Argentinian internship is right up your alley. This internship will have you working closely with those managing one of Buenos Aires most significant nonprofit organization.

This internship provides individuals with the unique opportunity to learn how to manage a nonprofit organization. Interns will also have their hands in the organization’s community outreach efforts, including equal access to education and healthcare. This internship is both an incredible resume builder and wonderful opportunity to serve those in need.

5 Incredible Internship Opportunities for Human Rights Enthusiasts

3. Tanzania: Human Rights and Legal Aid

Women and children are the most vulnerable populations in Tanzania. Historically, women in Tanzania were denied all basic rights given to men. Although today, women technically have the same legal rights as men, old habits die hard and Tanzanian women are often treated poorly by male family members, friends, and neighbors.

For those with a passion for supporting women’s rights, this internship aims at empowering women and changing societal norms. Interns will be working in nonprofit organizations to counsel and support women in need. They will also spend time in a Legal Aid clinic, helping to support and prepare women to present their cases effectively in court.

5 Incredible Internship Opportunities for Human Rights Enthusiasts

4. Ecuador: Women’s Rights Advocacy and Domestic Abuse Prevention

Not unlike Tanzania, Ecuador’s female population also suffers from gender inequality. Domestic abuse and violence toward women has become a significant problem in Ecuador.

This internship works to serve and protect women in need. Interns will participate in the day to day running of Ecuador’s first women’s shelter and work to educate the community on domestic violence. For those interested, this internship offers the unique cultural immersion experience of living with a local family. There is no better way to understand the culture and needs of another group of people than to live among them.

5 Incredible Internship Opportunities for Human Rights Enthusiasts

5. Cambodia: Communications and Fundraising Manager

For those with a background in business, communications or marketing and a desire to make a difference, put your talents and passions to good use serving the underprivileged children of Cambodia. One of the poorest countries in the world, many in Cambodia go without their basic needs being met.

This internship works closely with a nonprofit organization to provide food, free healthcare, and clean drinking water to children in Cambodia. This position would involve developing and implementing fundraising strategy, raising awareness and recruiting volunteers to continue the organization’s important work.


Not for profit organizations, such as these, are depending on the work of highly motivated and skilled interns to continue serving populations in need. Whether your passions lie with serving children or you have an interest in creating systemic change within the legal system, there organizations and opportunities for everyone. If you are looking for an opportunity to further your human rights career, add to your resume, and participate in meaningful, impactful, and life changing work, check out one of these internships today!