8 Unique Environmental Internship opportunities to take advantage of Right Now

Re-wilding Namibia

If you’re a new graduate with a passion for saving the planet, an environmental internship or volunteer placement abroad might be the right next step for you. Global Nomadic partners with some incredible organizations who are working diligently to protect the earth’s resources. Here are seven of the most exciting environmental and conservation internship opportunities you can take advantage of right now:

  1. Malawi: Environmental Conservation Internship

Veterinary Internship in Malawi


There are many incredible reasons to visit Malawi– friendly people, stunning scenery, rich culture. However, Malawi is also home to poverty, deforestation and a degrading environment. This internship will provide an opportunity for participants to work with one of our trusted NGO partners to address issues of both social welfare and environmental conservation. Apply to this project to build a range of skills across several conservation disciplines and gain both “sanctuary and “field” experience.

2. Ecuador: Amazonian Forest Foods and Culinary Arts


Got a passion for the culinary arts? Learn first hand in this unique culinary internship how to make the most of mother nature with sustainable food and farming in the Amazon rainforest. You’ll be placed with a farming family in a community that is working to bring traditional forest food into the mainstream so that locals and visitors alike will come to appreciate the natural abundance that the Amazon has to offer. Bonus– You’ll also be able to participate in traditional Amazonian activities, like trekking waterfalls and making chocolate from fresh cacao!

3. Costa Rica: Conservation Education and Research Internship

Costa Rica environmental development programme

Located on a private nature reserve in rural Costa Rica, this project is a great match if you’re looking for a more challenging and immersive experience. The Conservation Education and Research Internship is part of a project dedicated to teaching visitors more about the local wildlife and environment. Your placement will provide hands-on academic research training, will give you the opportunity to not only support studies by respected scientists from around the world, but also a chance to potentially take lead on your own smaller projects.

4. St Eustatius (Caribbean): Botanical Garden Environmental Conservation


Everyone loves and appreciates the Caribbean for it’s stunning beaches, year-round tropical climate, and lush landscapes. Caribbean ecosystems are critical to the well-being of island economies and local populations, yet they are under threat and many are in decline as a result of water pollution and climate change. Join a team of experienced professionals at St. Eustatius National parks for a short term project that will give you the opportunity to help preserve vital land and marine protected areas for the benefit of future generations.

5. Peru: Renewable Energy Development

renewable energy internship

In this sustainable development internship, you’ll be working with an NGO partner that is committed to investing in and improving the quality of life for poor Peruvian coastal communities that have fallen prey to uncontrolled tourism for over a decade. Through projects focused on education, infrastructure, environment and sustainability, you’ll gain valuable insights and learn first-hand the foundational principles of managing a non-profit in a developing region.

7. New Zealand: Off-grid Environmental Conservation


Looking to experience that minimalist, disconnected lifestyle? Unplug with this off-grid environmental conservation project in Northland, New Zealand. You’ll work with a partner organization built on sustainable principles and help to protect, monitor and restore the lush surrounding forest and monitor the wildlife that call the forest home. Volunteers help to create access trail, protect native forest species from invasive species. With the internship option, you’ll also learn how to set-up a similar non-profit from design and accounting to marketing strategies.

8. Namibia: Re-wilding Environmental Project

Re-wilding Environmental Development Project in Namibia

Discover southern Africa with an exciting project that offers exposure the vast wildlife of the Namibian ecosystem and the opportunity to work alongside a team to protect and conserve it. The project site is home to some of the most iconic species of plants and animals– the African leopard, the Greater Kudu, Caracal, Hoey badeter and quiver tree to name a few! If you’re an aspiring and adventurous naturalist who wants to focus on science, conversation and leadership skills, this wilderness experience might be the perfect opportunity for you!

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