Short International Internships for Busy College Students

short international internships

International Internships are amazing opportunities for a multitude of reasons. They provide the chance to travel and experience other cultures. Internships are excellent resume builders, providing invaluable industry experiences and network connections. Employers in nearly every industry are more inclined to hire individuals with internship experience than those without.

Although participating in an international internship will reap bountiful reward for just about anyone, not everyone has the time to take six months or a year to travel and work abroad. If you are currently in school, working hard to earn your degree and graduate on time, you may be thinking, “I’d love to do an international internship, but there is no way I can fit one into my already busy life and hefty course schedule!”

You’re in luck! It is in fact possible to have the internship experience of a lifetime and stay on top of your college or university schedule. There are plenty of internship opportunities that last a week or two, allowing you to schedule during spring or summer breaks.

If you are in college or university with a limited amount of time, here are 6 international internships you can work into YOUR LIFE and YOUR SCHEDULE!

1) Thailand: Plastic Pollution & Marine Conservation

If you are interested in environmental conservation, head to Thailand to learn about the impact of plastic pollution on the country’s aquatic wildlife. Interns will make a positive impact on Thailand’s marine ecosystems by conducting regular beach cleanups and educating the public on the harmful effects of plastic pollution.This program involves a flexible 2-12 week commitment, a perfect option for your summer break.

Bali- Turtle Conservation & Rehabilitation Centre

2) Bali: Construction and Renovation

Help build developing communities in Bali by joining construction teams in renovating old buildings to be used for community growth and development. This internship will give you the opportunity to make a true difference in the lives of many by improving their living conditions.This internship is ideal for college or university students because you can join this 2 week minimum internship anytime of the year! This program truly allows you to work around your schedule and commitments.Bali construction project

3) Guatemala: Medical & Healthcare Project

For those pursuing a career in the healthcare industry, this Guatemalan internship will give you hands-on experience providing healthcare to local Guatemalans. Many of Guatemala’s underprivileged communities have limited access to quality healthcare. As a result, Guatemala has one of the world’s highest rates of infant mortality and malnutrition. Interns will be providing disease screenings, assessing infant nutritional levels, and much more!This program allows for flexible start dates to accommodate your busy schedule.

Guatemala: Medical and Healthcare Project

4) Vietnam: Special Needs Daycare

Are you an Education major with a passion for working with children? This Vietnamese internship is the perfect resume builder for those interested in teaching or childcare. Interns will have the opportunity to assist in the daily care of children with special needs while their parents are at work. Responsibilities include feeding, playing games, and helping the children to interact with their peers.The 1 week commitment and flexible start date makes this internship an excellent option for your next Spring Break trip!


5) Japan: Otaki Internship

Calling all outdoor enthusiasts! Spend a week (or more) hiking, camping, and exploring the mountain village of Otaki. Interns will spend their days serving in a variety of ways, including caring for horses, doing chores around the camp, and working in a local restaurant. This program is ideal for those looking to truly immerse themselves in nature.This program runs year-round and allows interns to schedule their visit whenever is most convenient for them.


6) Australia: Food Outreach

Australia’s capital city of Sydney is a booming metropolis filled with fun things to do and sights to see! Unfortunately, like many major cities, Sydney is also home to a large population of homeless men and women. In joining this food outreach initiative, participating individuals will have the opportunity to provide food and support to over 100 individuals each day.

If you are looking for a life changing experience during your summer break, think about spending 2 weeks serving the less fortunate in Australia!



A busy college schedule doesn’t have to be the reason you can’t take time for an internship. If you are looking to travel the world and build your resume while still maintaining your school course load, check out one of the internships above! You just might find your perfect Spring Break opportunity!