Top 10 Internships For Business Majors

Top 10 international internships for business majors

There are few industries that understand and appreciate the value of a good internship like the business world. Although university classes can provide a solid foundation in economic theories or marketing strategies, nothing provides the practical, hands-on skill development like an internship position. 

Internship placements come in all shapes and sizes. You could learn the ins and outs of a large and successful international corporation or get hands on with a startup company. With countless opportunities for internships within your home country, why should you consider interning abroad? 

The answer is simple: experience and marketability. With advances in technology making connection and communication easier than ever before, international business and the impact of the global economy on businesses of all sizes has never been greater! An international business internship will give a deeper understanding of global markets and the ins and outs of your particular industry. This experience and knowledge will be a huge asset when it comes time to apply for jobs. 

As you are considering your options for an internship placement, here are ten international opportunities you don’t want to miss: 

Singapore: Business Development & Marketing

A true center for international business, Singapore offers a wide variety of opportunities for business majors looking to gain some hands on experience. A diverse group of placement opportunities will be distributed amongst the selected interns. You may be placed within a large and robust corporation or a small startup with the energy and excitement of a new challenge.

South Korea: Business Development & Marketing

The East Asian business sector is growing at a rapid pace. Each year, businesses in South Korea take on a more pivotal role in the global economy. Interns selected will receive a high quality internship placement, in which they will have the opportunity to strengthen their industry and interpersonal relationship skills. This internship also offers a unique insight into international business, a highly sought after credential amongst potential employers.

Argentina: Business Internship

If you are seeking an internship that provides unique travel opportunities and cultural immersion in addition to practical business experience, this is the program for you! Argentina is a tourist’s paradise. From learning the beautiful art of the tango, to cheering alongside the locals at a futbol game, there is so much to see and experience within this beautiful country. As an intern, your life and work within Buenos Aires will enable you to experience the local flavor of Latin America in a truly unique way.

Cape Town & Swaziland: Entrepreneur Development

This internship program truly has a spot for everyone! Interns within the program will have the opportunity to work with a program mentor to design a project that fits with their individual skills and interests. If you are interested in marketing, you may support businesses in developing a marketing plan or optimizing their website or social media use. For those who steer towards business development, there are opportunities for offering support or hands on work in human resources. Whatever area of business you find most appealing, this African internship has a place for you.

Thailand: Business Development & Marketing

Welcome to Thailand, a leader in South Asia’s economic community! Internships in Thailand offer the opportunity to work in powerful, international corporations as a meaningful part of the marketing and development team. As an intern, you will gain first hand knowledge and insight into what makes companies successful on a global level.

Peru: Micro-Enterprise Business Support

If you are looking to hone your micro-enterprise business knowledge and skills, it’s time to visit Peru. This internship offers the unique opportunity for one on one mentoring, designed to help you individually strengthen your business and industry skills. In working with your mentor, you will gain valuable knowledge of international business, and will be equipped with valuable leadership skills that are transferable between jobs and industries. This internship will truly put you a step above other applicants when it comes time to look for jobs.

Swaziland: Micro-Finance Internship

If you are looking to make a real impact on the lives of everyday people living in poverty, this internship is for you. Interns in this program will participate in starting microfinance initiatives designed to address social issues such as unemployment. With 63% of the population living below the poverty line, these initiatives are vital for the economy of the country. Additionally, this internship program is dedicated to the needs of the interns themselves. If you have your own passions or interests that you would like to explore, they can be worked into your individual internship program experience.

Ecuador: Social Entrepreneurship Indigenous Cacao Farmers

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Have you ever considered how the delicious sweet treats we all enjoy are produced? In this internship program, you will have the opportunity to work alongside the Cacao farmers in Ecuador who are responsible for the production of chocolate in the international market. Don’t worry…you won’t just be learning about chocolate. You will also gain insight into fair trade policies, social impact marketing and much more. 

Bangkok: Finance Internship

The financial sector in Thailand is growing at a dizzying pace. Interns in this program will be able to stretch their financial muscles through activities such as financial analysis, investment advising, and accounting. This is a challenging internship that will push you to perform at your highest level, and you will leave with strong industry skills, invaluable network connections in Southeast Asia, and a true understanding of international business.

Singapore: Finance Internship

Singapore is a city that promises a wealth of experience of all kinds. A promising economic region, Singapore offers business majors a unique opportunity to learn from professionals in the financial sector. On the weekends, you will never run out of cultural activities. From touring the beautiful landscape of Malaysia to sampling the traditional food of the region, there is always something to experience. 


Internships are an excellent way to boost your resume, make valuable networking connections, and learn the tricks of the trade in your industry. As you make your business internship decisions, don’t forget the added value of interning abroad.