Top 10 Internships For Business Majors

There are few industries that understand and appreciate the value of a good internship like the business world. Although university classes can provide a solid foundation in economic theories or marketing strategies, nothing provides the practical, hands-on skill development like an internship position.  Internship placements come in all shapes and sizes. You could learn the […]

Internship Opportunities for Liberal Arts Majors

Internships are becoming commonplace and even expected in fields like engineering or business. If you’re applying for an engineering job and you don’t have internship experience on your resume, you’re likely to raise a few eyebrows. But did you know that internships are valuable for liberal arts majors as well? A liberal arts degree provides […]

3 Amazing International  Internships For Aspiring Lawyers

You can see it now… your name displayed in your law firm’s logo. You’ve put in your time, working your way through the ranks. You’ve made partner! Of course, there are a few key steps to take before that coveted title becomes yours–starting with being hired by your first law firm. What sets truly exceptional […]

7 Ways To Make The Most of Your Internship Abroad

“Investment in travel is an investment in yourself!” Matthew Karsten An international internship is a once in a lifetime experience! Combining travel, valuable field experience, and unique cultural immersion opportunities, an internship abroad truly is something you don’t want to miss out on. An international internship will likely have a lasting positive impact on your […]

9 Affordable Countries to Visit During Your Gap Year

Gap years can afford you the opportunity to travel abroad or gain world experience before launching head first into further education or a career. While the idea of travelling abroad during your gap year may seem financially out of reach, here are several places you can visit that will give you an affordable travel experience […]

UCL Competition

International Internship Competition & Founders Talk Global Nomadic are pleased to announce an evening with UCL In conjunction with the Global Brigades and the Arts & Sciences Societies, you are invited to join us for our 2-part event on 13 March at 6pm, in the BASc Common Room, 1-4 Malet Place (opposite the Roberts Engineering building). 1) Founders Talk Jeremy Freedman, [...]

Top Ten Hottest Countries for Internships in 2017

With only two months left of 2016, it’s high time to decide the details for internships in 2017. The two most important questions to answer when you decide to intern abroad are always what? and where? Regardless of where you go, your experience will be intricately shaped by the culture where you will be living and working. Therefore, […]

Trans-Siberian Express

There are two ways to view a journey. Some see it merely as a means to an end, as a way to get where they want to go. Others view it as being as big a part of their trip as their time at the destination is. If you fall into the former category, may […]